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Ways to Prepare in Atlanta

Spring is the perfect time in the Atlanta area to tackle roof projects! The weather is not yet so hot and sticky as it gets in summer, unexpected rainstorms are less of a concern, and the days are long enough to finish projects up quickly. But what does your roof need? What


Low slope or flat roofs — where the slope rises less than four inches in a run of 12 inches — require special systems to prevent leaks. Whether the roof protects a giant industrial building or your home, you want to choose the best system for your structure. Most low-slope


Few things cause as much dismay as a roof leak. When properly installed and maintained, an asphalt shingle roof should last over twenty years if no damage occurs to it. Among other things, regular maintenance includes replacing liquid sealants (caulking) when they begin to dry out and shrink. Beyond the

Metal roofing experts

If your metal roof is damaged or leaking, you have a few different options. You can replace the entire roof, you can retrofit a metal roof or you can coat the metal roof. Coating a metal roof is a cheaper and faster alternative to retrofitting a metal roof or replacing

roof and attic problems

Where do you stand on the topic of squirrels? Here in Atlanta, these furry friends have captured the imagination of many residents. In fact, the city is even home to the annual Inman Park Squirrel Census, a scientific and cultural event that involves tallying the number of Eastern gray squirrels

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Have you been holding back on installing solar panels for your home because of how they look or the need for structural upgrades to support the additional weight? With the latest advances in solar roofing from a joint project between Tesla Solar and SolarCity, you may not have to deal


Most buildings, both residential and commercial, could stand to operate a little greener. An energy efficient system over your head goes a long way towards keeping your utility expenditures from literally rising through the roof. What can you do to make your roof more energy efficient? Read on to find

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After a storm, it’s always a good idea to check your home for damage. Some destruction will be obvious, like broken tree branches on your roof or smashed skylights. But when it’s not so plain, how can you tell if you’re looking at the aftermath of a storm or ordinary

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For many homeowners in the South, black streaking on the surface of their home’s roof is a common problem. Many people are unaware of the cause of those unsightly streaks, and some will either fail to take the proper steps to address the problem or cause damage to the surface


Heat can plow through insulation, penetrate roof structures and drive cooling costs — well — through the roof. Energy efficient roofing materials, however, can solve this dilemma. Researchers rate the efficiency of rooftops using the familiar Energy Star system used to rate home appliances. The system is highly beneficial, as


Your commercial roof is made of many different layers and parts. Most people only think of the outermost layer when they think of roofing, but that is not the only layer to a roof. Here is some information that will help you to better understand the anatomy of a commercial


When most people think of elements that are damaging to a commercial roof, they often think of storms and forceful weather — things like hail storms, strong wind gusts and ice dams that build up on a roof. However, storms are not the only thing that can be damaging to


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