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Is your metal rooftop showing signs of wear or rust? Is it not performing how you imagined it would? Or maybe it’s just time to give your building an upgrade with a new metal roof that offers better benefits and will last longer.

Retrofitting is the process of upgrading your metal roof in a way that saves you money while improving your roofing materials. Here are some of the greatest advantages to consider a metal retrofit.

Better Energy Efficiency

If your current metal roof gets a lot of sun, that thermal energy may be sinking into your building and causing painful air conditioning bills. A retrofit can equip your roof with white metal panels designed to reflective the majority of sunlight that hits your rooftop. That keeps your roof cooler, which helps increase roof longevity and helps decrease energy bills for your building. It’s a great option for everything from offices to warehouse storage buildings!

An Excellent Range of Modern Options

There are more roofing options than ever these days, which makes it easy to customize your commercial roof. There are even beautiful copper roof options for staying historically accurate or giving a building a more beautiful appearance (copper can also help resist algae growth). Aluminum, steel, and tin rooftops are available in a variety of colors and styles for you to choose from.

This also extends to sublayers and insulation. Today’s metal rooftops offer a variety of insulation options that can help repel heat and keep buildings warm in cold conditions. Choosing a metal roof doesn’t mean you have to give up any other benefits!

Fewer Seam and Fastener Issues

Today’s metal panel rooftops are designed to be placed seamlessly together over durable substrates. That means that there are fewer seams overall to seal or weld, which in turn means that there are fewer weak points for leaks or other problems to develop. The same is true of fasteners – modern metal panels are made to link together with minimal fastener use, removing another annoying weak point that can develop problems as years pass.

New Rust and Corrosion Resistance

Modern coatings have perfect corrosion protection so that your roof doesn’t experience rust issues – the bane of many older metal rooftops that weren’t always installed as they should have been.

If your roof encounters a lot of rain or you notice that it’s been subject to rust issues in the past, a retrofit may also be the perfect time to switch to another metal, like aluminum, that doesn’t experience as much corrosion and adds even more protection to your roof.

No Danger of Leaks Around Damage or Poor Repair Jobs
While metal rooftops can last decades, if they get damaged – or if a poor repair job causes problems – that can create a leak problem. A retrofit is an ideal solution because it can replace bad repair jobs and damaged parts of the roof while also making sure that those problems aren’t as likely in the future.

Would you like to schedule an inspection or estimate of your metal roofing to get the ball rolling? Contact Rosie’s Roofing a reliable roofing company in Atlanta today, and we will be happy to help you get started!


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