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Have you ever wished your roof would block more summer heat than it does now? With less heat gain from the hot Georgia sun, your air conditioning costs would go down, right? What if you could attain even more benefits from a cool roof than just energy savings? By replacing

roof maintenance

Living around a forest of trees has its advantages. Trees provide shade during hot summers and, of course, put on a beautiful display of colors in the fall. But your roof may not have the same fondness, especially if the trees near your home receive little maintenance. Here are five

prevent pests on the roof

As the temperature drops and animals begin to find shelter for the coming winter months, you have to take precautions so that pests don’t invade your home. From rats to squirrels and a variety of bugs, the fall season is the time that most species are looking for a warm

As winter approaches, cold weather and harsh conditions such as snow and sleet can cause tremendous problems with your roof. Knowing how to prepare your roof for the winter months can help ensure that it’s able to handle anything that winter can bring. Trim Your Trees Tree branches that fall

gutter replacement company

Many would agree that fall, is in fact, the most wonderful time of the year. We gain relief from the smothering heat and the spectacle of turning leaves looks stunning. But homeowners see fall as a double-edged season because that same gorgeous foliage is about to fill up their gutters.

window replacement services

Are you ready to replace your old, drafty windows this year? If so, when is the best time to start the project here in the Atlanta metro area? While windows can be installed in any season, springtime offers the most benefits. However, bear in mind that contractor schedules will begin

roof and gutter replacement services

If you’re planning to replace your roof this spring, you may wonder if you should also replace your gutters while you’re at it. If your insurance is funding the roof replacement but not the gutters, you should seriously consider taking on that extra expense anyway. However, if your gutters work


The roof on your home is designed to keep outdoor elements, such as rain and leaves, out of your home. However, certain things can happen to your roof that can cause it to leak. When your roof is leaking, you will need to repair the damage to ensure water stays


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