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Ways to Prepare in Atlanta

Spring is the perfect time in the Atlanta area to tackle roof projects! The weather is not yet so hot and sticky as it gets in summer, unexpected rainstorms are less of a concern, and the days are long enough to finish projects up quickly. But what does your roof need? What sort of repairs or replacements should you make to prepare for the coming years? We know that you’re busy, so we will narrow our spring advice down to two important points.

Inspect Your Roof

It’s time to make a visual inspection of your roof now that winter is over. We highly suggest a professional inspection to make sure that you don’t miss anything. However, taking a walk around your house and inspecting the roof yourself is still a good idea. Here are a few things to watch for:

  • Missing or damaged shingles. It’s important to note these and get them replaced as soon as you can because they can become entry points for moisture that can create serious, widespread leaks. However, look for more subtle signs of damage too. That includes balding shingles that are starting to lose their protective granules and curling shingles that are suffering moisture damage.
  • Damaged flashing. The flashing is all those metal strips that border and protect your shingles. Look for signs of warping or rusting that indicates the flashing needs to be replaced.
Ways to Prepare Your Roof in Atlanta
  • Moss. Has moss or moss-like growth crept up onto your roof over winter? That’s a bad sign. Where moss grows, it digs into shingles and destroys them while also serving as a gathering point for moisture waiting to seep beneath the surface. It’s important to remove this moss, but trying to pressure wash it away can lead to further damage to your roof. Ask a professional for advice on the best approach.
  • Stains on your siding. If these stains seem to come from above, you may have a problem with your gutters or eaves that needs to be addressed. Which brings us to our second recommended task…

Clean Your Gutters

A gutter cleaning is essential to prepare for late spring and summer weather. Over fall and winter, it’s likely that your gutters got filled with leaves, dirt, bugs and debris. That stuff can pile up and eventually clog your gutters, causing them to overrun (it may even add so much weight that your gutters are permanently damaged over time). Water spilling from your gutters is in the perfect position to do serious harm to your siding and foundation.

If you’ve never tried cleaning your gutters before, don’t worry! We can tackle the project for you and make sure it’s done correctly before the worst of the rains come and cause serious problems.

Do our points remind you of a roofing project that you’ve been putting off? Schedule your inspection with us today at Rosie’s Roofing & Restoration, a reliable roofing company in Atlanta to learn more about the state of your roof and what needs to be done.


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