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Replacing a commercial roof can be a particularly large project, and we understand that owners may want to wait until it’s absolutely necessary – and until they have room in their budget. But if you are considering a commercial roof replacement in the next year or two, there are several excellent reasons to consider scheduling it now rather than waiting. Let’s take a look!

The Weather is Perfect for Roofing

For a big roofing project, high-quality labor and a fast completion time are important. Right now, the weather favors both of these things! Warmer weather with plenty of sunlight and less chance of rain is excellent for a crew that wants to finish a project fast without sacrificing on quality. On the other hand, the longer you wait until the rainy seasons come, the more risks crop up. The days get shorter so there’s often less time to work, and there’s a greater possibility of rain interrupting the work and causing delays for certain steps in the project.

Roofing Crews Have More Time Right Now (And You Do, Too)

If you wait until the end of summer or fall to think about your roofing project, you’ll run into a very common problem: A lot of other owners and companies are thinking about the exact same thing. This can lead to a rush on commercial roofing services to prepare buildings for harsh weather, which creates scheduling difficulties. You may not get a crew to attend to your roof in time, which runs the risk of water damage or other problems in the coming year. Now, however, there’s generally more time to fit projects in and less rush or crowded scheduling, making it a great time to get started.

We’ll also point out that this is true of businesses as well. In these warm days, it’s easy to focus on outdoor services or seating for many businesses in case you have to shut the building down for a full roof replacement. Social distancing and lockdown protocols make this even easier – there may not be a better time to get a new roof!


Commercial Roof Installations May Take More Time Than You Think

Commercial roof projects involve a variety of important steps that can extend the project’s timeline based on mutual scheduling. This includes evaluations, bidding, designing phases, subcontracting for specific needs, and of course, the actual labor. Add everything up, and it could take a few months to replace a roof even in optimal conditions. If scheduling becomes too complex, it may be necessary to delay parts of the project for a season or important event, adding even more time. The earlier in the year you start your project, the less likely any of this will be a major factor, and the more time we have to deal with anything unexpected.

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