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Most roof damage or leaks start out relatively small. They often give off signs that a leak is imminent or in the process of occurring. Unfortunately, many commercial business owners are unaware of what these signs are. As such, they may miss the warning signs of a leak or the early signs of a leak, and fail to notice there is a leak until major damage has occurred. Here are four of the most common warning signs related to damaged or leaking commercial roofs.

Stained Ceilings or Wall

One of the signs that may be indicative of roof damage or a roof leak is stained ceilings or walls. Water damage often presents itself as discoloration and can turn white walls a number of colors ranging from cream to yellow to light tans or browns. If you go to the crawl space beneath your roof and look up, you may be able to see water damage if a leak is present and tell approximately where the damaged portion of your roof is.

The Scent or Mildew or Moisture

Another sign of a potential roof leak is the scent of mildew or moisture in your commercial space. If you smell mildew or moisture, there is water somewhere in the building. It may be a pipe leak or a roof leak, but it is important you determine where the water is in the space to solve the issue and rid your building of this scent.


Visible Mold Growth

Mold does not grow without the presence of water. If you notice mold growth in your commercial building, such as on your walls or on your commercial carpets, you have water leaking somewhere in your building. In many cases, this can be caused from a roof leak. A mold remediation company can determine where the moisture is coming from and safely remove the mold from your building. Fixing the cause of the leak helps to prevent mold from coming back.

The Presence of Puddles or Small Pools of Water

The final sign of roof problems or leaks is the presence of puddles or small pools of water. If you walk into your building after a rainstorm and there is water on your floors or on other surfaces in your building, odds are, you have one or more leaks that are allowing water to enter your space. The leak has already caused a substantial amount of damage by the time puddles and pools of water are present, so you need to have the issue immediately repaired.

If you notice one or more of these signs in your commercial space, you will want to call in a roofing professional in Atlanta to inspect and repair your commercial roof as quickly as possible. Here at Rosie’s Roofing & Restoration, we can help you with all of your roofing needs, including inspections, repairs and installing new commercial roofs. Contact us today to schedule your roof inspection.


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