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Have you been holding back on installing solar panels for your home because of how they look or the need for structural upgrades to support the additional weight? With the latest advances in solar roofing from a joint project between Tesla Solar and SolarCity, you may not have to deal with either of those issues in the near future. The upcoming solar shingles currently in development provides a streamlined, attractive way to generate your own power.

The Original Problems

For most homeowners concerned with the style of their roof, the large and bulky roof mounted panels, currently required for home energy production or water heating, are a little too visible in an unattractive way. These panels weigh just enough to stress the rafters of a roof, so others simply can’t afford the cost of reinforcing their roof structure before installing solar panels. Finally, the roof mounting method relies on intrusions through the deck of the roof that can cause leaks.


Solving These Issues

While Tesla’s newest releases are not the very first solar roofing product on the market, they are designed to address the specific problems homeowners are having with traditional solar panels. These shingles are designed to mimic the most popular roofing materials, including colorful clay tile and slate. This creates a camouflage effect so that your neighbors can’t even tell that you have solar tiles installed on your roof. Aside from offering a more attractive way to power your house, these shingles are lightweight and don’t require any extra support to hold up the weight. They’re also mounted to the surface of the roof rather than on racks that need penetrating fasteners, reducing the likelihood of leaks.

Even More Benefits

Aside from specifically improving the solar experience for residential users, the Tesla and SolarCity shingle products offer other general benefits when compared to similar roofing options. The quartz construction lends the shingles durability, allowing them to withstand falling hail and loose tree branches without breaking. They’re also flexible, meaning that small flexing changes in the deck of the roof caused by heating and cooling won’t affect the shingles. These solar shingles are designed to last so that you can use them as a selling point when putting your house on the market. The new owners can rest assured that they’ll be able to rely on the solar power generation for years to come as well.

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These amazing new shingles may not be available just yet, but you can already prepare for their release by having your roof inspected and repaired if needed. Call us here at Rosie’s Roofing and Restoration a reliable roofing company in the Atlanta area for help, whether you think your roof is in great shape or you know it is in need of attention. We can help solve any roofing problem and will be happy to help you achieve your solar goals.


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