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As the temperature drops and animals begin to find shelter for the coming winter months, you have to take precautions so that pests don’t invade your home. From rats to squirrels and a variety of bugs, the fall season is the time that most species are looking for a warm and dry place. Curious about the squirrels in your area? Check out the Squirrel Census. When preparing your home, there are a few preventative measures you can take to ensure that you stay pest free this fall and winter.

Secure Loose Shingles

One of the ways that squirrels and other small, agile rodents can access your home is through the roof. A mother will often try to loosen shingles or pull up already loose shingles in an attempt to access an area away from the cold. Before the cold sets in, get your roof inspected and have any loose shingles replaced. This will decrease the chances of any rodent finding a way to pry up a shingle and gain access to your home.

Fix the Vulnerable Areas

Of all pests, raccoons and squirrels are often those who are most inquisitive and agile. This means they will take any pathway available into your home. Unfortunately, this means you need to secure weak spots or vulnerable areas to prevent them from gaining access. Always look to your roof first, and secure soffits by using tongue and groove wood and then nail your soffit into place. This will prevent animals from bending and breaking soffits to get into the cushion of insulation in your attic.


Prevent Bird Nests with Dampers

Since birds look for dry and out of the way places to nest, your vents make the perfect spot. You can prevent this by installing dampers which act as small shields from the outside elements. Not only will it prevent birds from nesting, but can also prevent debris from building up and bugs from entering your home.

Fix Siding Gaps

Of all rodents, mice and rats have the lowest tolerance for cold weather and will look for shelter earlier than most other pests. Once inside your home, they can multiply into dozens in a short period. Gaps in your siding, even those smaller than a quarter, can be an entry point for these rodents. You’ll want to do a walk around your home before the cold sets in to identify areas where you may need to fill holes or gaps. Then, throughout the winter months, periodically recheck your siding to see if cold, snow or even animals have begun to cause deterioration.

When trying to pest proof your home, sometimes professional help is required. For those looking to secure vents, soffits, and shingles, Rosie’s Roofing and Installation, a local trusted roofing company is here for you! Call us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about our services.

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