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Where do you stand on the topic of squirrels? Here in Atlanta, these furry friends have captured the imagination of many residents. In fact, the city is even home to the annual Inman Park Squirrel Census, a scientific and cultural event that involves tallying the number of Eastern gray squirrels and recording their behaviors. Even if you think they’re cute and harmless, squirrels are known for doing quite some damage to homes and businesses. Find out why squirrels don’t make good house guests and how to keep them away from your roof and attic.

The Squirrel Census

The Inman Park event didn’t begin as a scientific imperative, but rather as the project of a writer named Jamie Allen who lived in the neighborhood. In 2011, he decided to take a survey of the park’s squirrels to show how science and storytelling can be combined to draw people into a project that they might otherwise care nothing about. His work was a success, and now he lectures on the project across the South and commits to repeating the census every year as the squirrels reach peak migration.

Squirrels in Atlanta Homes

While squirrels are fine when they’re nesting in stately oaks and majestic maples, they’re not so fun once they’re in your home. Since Atlanta is such a densely wooded city with so many great parks, it’s not surprising that squirrels are one of the biggest causes of roof and attic damage. Discovering signs of squirrel damage during a routine maintenance check should trigger immediate action. Some of these signs include:


  • Scratching, digging and gnawing noises from the attic or inside the walls.
  • Sounds of fighting between squirrels include squeaks and squeals.
  • Damage to surrounding landscaping bushes, small trees and other plants around your home.
  • Signs of chewing on siding, roof shingles or the eaves of the roof.
  • Disturbed insulation in the attic.
  • Electrical issues like flickering lights or dead outlets, caused by damaged wiring.

What Do Squirrels Do to Homes?

Since squirrels can be considered cute, it’s tempting just to let a family settle in and hope they’ll leave when they’re done. However, allowing even one squirrel to move in leads to serious damage. First, squirrels tend to damage the roof to make entrances and exits for safety. They chew through decking, eaves, soffits and sometimes shingles themselves to make openings and gather nest materials. Squirrels also damage your attic insulation by flattening it, moving it and using it as a bathroom. The waste products cause mold and mildew to grow, ruining your indoor air quality.

Calling a pest control company is the first step to take after suspecting squirrels have moved in, but it shouldn’t be the last. Contact us at Rosie’s Roofing and Restoration, a reliable roofing company for a full inspection of your attic and roof. We’ll identify any lasting damage caused by the pests and fix it as quickly as possible.

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