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When most people think of elements that are damaging to a commercial roof, they often think of storms and forceful weather — things like hail storms, strong wind gusts and ice dams that build up on a roof. However, storms are not the only thing that can be damaging to your commercial roof. Heat can be damaging to your commercial roof in a number of different ways. Here are a few of the ways that hot weather and high temperatures can affect your commercial roofing.

Heat Expands Roofing Materials

One of the ways that heat can damage roofing materials is through expansion. When roofing materials heat up, they naturally expand or get slightly larger. As the roofing materials cool off when the sun goes down, they contract. This constant expansion and contraction can put a lot of stress and wear on your roof. It can lead to cracks forming and surface damage.

Heat Puts Pressure on Fasteners and Seams

Another one of the negative effects that heat can have on your commercial roof is that it puts pressure on fasteners and seams. This is, in part, caused by the expansion and contraction that takes place. It affects the fasteners and seams, causing them to shift and move. But when your roof heats up, a small amount of pressure also builds up. This can also cause the fasteners and seams to move or shift. This can cause seams to split or fasteners to begin to pop up and out of place. Ultimately, both split seams and loose or move fasteners can affect the long term stability of your roof.


More Frequent HVAC Use Causes Moisture to Build Up

The final problem with your commercial roof that can occur due to heat is moisture build up. When it is hot outside, you will rely on and use your HVAC unit or cooling unit more frequently. As the unit is used, moisture can build up. Most commercial HVAC and air conditioning units are on the roof, which means moisture builds up on the roof. This can lead to algae growth or moisture and water problems with the roof that may ultimately lead to leaks if the issue is not caught and repaired.

Hot temperatures and heat can be damaging to your roof. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to stop the hot temperatures or the damage that they can do to your roof. As such, it is important to have your roof inspected annually to see if heat did damage your roof. Having the damage repaired quickly can help prevent any damage from worsening. Here at Rosie’s Roofing & Restoration, a reliable roofing company serving the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, we are committed to helping you with all of your commercial roofing needs. Schedule your roof inspection with us today.

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