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A new roof can be a serious investment, so it’s important you know just what benefits you’ll get from replacing an old roof – and how much it will cost. There have never been more options for residential rooftops, from color and style to materials and protection. Whether you’re interested in shingles, tiles, stone slats, or metal, here are some of the top advantages a new roof brings.

Increased Property Value

“Curb appeal” is how attractive a house is at first glance from the street. This is particularly important when selling a house because it’s potential homebuyers’ first impression, and can influence buying decisions. Nothing is worse for curb appeal than an old, dirty roof – these poor rooftops are very visible and give the entire home a shoddy, unpleasant look. A new roof, however, is great for curb appeal and can give a house an entirely different appearance. This is especially true if you look for a roof that matches your house’s other colors and the surrounding landscape.

Better Energy Efficiency

Many new rooftops come with energy efficient qualities that can help insulate your home more effectively and save you money on heating or cooling costs. In cold areas, you can add extra insulation to your roof when replacing it, ensuring that warmth stays in your house for longer periods (but check that your attic ventilation is adequate, too). In hot climates you can look for light-colored shingles or other types of rooftops that will reflect sunlight back into the air, keeping the house from growing too hot in the daylight and saving you money on cooling bills.

More Protection Against Roof Problems

The last thing you want your roof to do is leak. A new roof is the perfect opportunity to make sure there’s adequate leak protection all around your roof. A proper underlayment, properly sealed flashing at the edges of your roof, and professionally installed roofing materials all work together to fight leaks in your roof. You can even build a new roof to target specific problems, such as standing water or algae/moss growth.


Better Preparation for Bad Weather

From adjusting slope and profile to switching to more durable materials, there are plenty of ways to give your roof extra protection against bad weather, especially wind and hail that can damage more delicate rooftops. If your roof has suffered this kind of damage in the past, look into more protection.

If your roof is a few decades old or has recently suffered damage, now is a great time to consider a new roof installation. To find out more, schedule an estimate with Rosie’s Roofing! a trusted roofing company. We can inspect your roof and provide details and costs for a replacement so that you have all the information you need.


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